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As the first manufacturer in the baseball industry to have catcher's chest protectors certified to the NOCSAE standard for protection against commotio cordis, we understand the importance of this protection and also know that all players on the field are at risk.  Pitchers, batters, baserunners, and fielders can all be struck with batted or thrown balls and be at risk for this rare, but serious condition.  The All-Star Fielder's Chest Protector is certfied by SEI to meet the NOCSAE standard and will offer protection to all players.

The All-Star Certified Youth Chest Guard is a one-size-fits-most product and intended for youth players

  • Certified by SEI to meet the NOCSAE standard for protection against commotio cordis
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with hook and loop tabs
  • Adjustable chest strap length and wide hook and loop patch on front for a wide range of fit adjustments
  • Low profile easily fits under uniform and soft, comfortable backing can be worn directly against the chest
  • Chest guard should be worn snug against the chest, centered on the sternum, and the top should sit just below the collar bones
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