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Please note:  The chest protector included with this kit is not certified to the NOCSAE standard.  Please check with your coach or league to understand the rules for required equipment.


A new twist on a favorite style! The CKPRO1XDC-C, Adult System Seven Axis catching kit includes all of the top gear any elite player is looking for!  Included is a MVP2500 Catching Mask, CP40PRO Chest Protector, and LG40WPRO Leg Guards.  This set is recommended for any serious ball player who demands high function and performance from their gear.

Catching Mask / Model Number: MVP2500

  • Fast drying and removable, washable, and replacable liner.
  • I-BAR Vision™ cage for better sight lines and stength
  • Mounting backplate snaps and strap retention bridge to keep them secure
  • High impact resistance ABS shell to withstand more abuse
  • Fits head sides 7 - 7 1/2

Chest Protector / Model Number: CP40PRO

  • Wedged abs for improved blocking and ball control
  • Moldable PE plates in the shoulders and throat
  • Diamond vented back side for weight reduction and breathability
  • Stainless steel matte black hardware
  • Thinner, more form-fitting DeltaFlex harness for enhanced fit and comfort
  • Diamond Vent Ports for weight reduction and breathability
  • 16.5" measured from clavical to naval

Leg Guards / Model Number: LG40WPRO

  • LINQ™ Hinge system for insane mobility - these truely move and bend with you
  • Single top strap remains in place and will not drop behind the back of the knee
  • Wide and smooth knee for better pivoting and sliding
  • Delta Flex Harness pre-crosses straps and hugs calf muscle for secure fit
  • Repositionable knee pad - put the padding where you need it most
  • Diamond Vent Ports for weight reduction and breathability
  • Stainless Steel matte black hardware
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