With youth baseball becoming increasingly more skilled and competitive, the need for properly sized, high-quality equipment has grown.  As a result, the game's best catching mitt offering, All-Star's CM3000 is adding a true junior size.  This 31.5" Pro-Elite® model combines all the benefits of the larger sizes in a more appropriate fit for hard core youth players.  Exclusive Japanese tanned steer hide delivers a fast, custom break-in with professional level durability, all wrapped up in the iconic black and tan colorway.



The CM3000BTJR is only available in right hand throw

  • True junior sized mitt, 31.5" size with appropriately sized hand opening and fingers
  • Exclusive Japanese tanned steer hide allows for fast break in and extended life. Only the finest materials and hand craftsmanship are used to make these exceptional mitts.
  • The soft tan leather pocket allows for great feel and gives the ball that extra POP which pitchers love to hear.
  • The black leather backing is stiffer, and gives the mitt the right amount of support and increases its life.  

BREAKING IN YOUR MITT- We recommend not putting anything on the mitt to help break it in (this includes steaming).  The best way to break in your All-Star mitt is to just use it.  This is a stiffer pro-level mitt and will take a little work, but you will be rewarded for your effort.

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