CM3000MBK : Throws with right hand, wears on left.


BREAKING IN YOUR MITT- We recommend not putting anything on the mitt to help break it in.  The best way to break in your All-Star mitt is to just constantly use it.

Martin Maldonado made it to the show in 2011.  He started his professional career using the CM3000XSBK, our very small 32" mitt.  He is one of only three catchers to ever use such a small 32" mitt in professional baseball (Bengie Molina, then Maldonado, and then Hector Sanchez).  One must have very fast and precise hands to use such a small mitt because there is no room for error.  After a few seasons, Maldonado switched to our most popular 33.5" size.  Then for 2017 season he used a custom 34" mitt and won the Rawlings Gold Glove Award®.  There was no changing after that!

  Why would we introduce a mitt that is only ½” larger than our most popular size?  Well, in the words of Maldonado and several other All-Star Focus Team players who choose our 33.5” mitt… pitchers are throwing faster and with more movement, and they need just a little more room to receive the ball with confidence.  Jumping to our large 35” mitt is just too big of a jump in size. 

  Why is 100% embroidered on the back of the web?  In 2017 Martin sharpied a few reminders on his mitt.  One of them was the 100% on the back of the web.  Simply put, Maldonado gave 100% of the pitches his 100% attention and focus.  We've told this evolution to some pro scouts, and they all nod and agree that this 100% focus is why he continually earns recognition as a great defensive catcher.  This is what Maldonado calls #GoldMentality

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