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Another inspiration from Professional Coach Tim Cossins (who also helped develop The Anvil™), The Equalizer™ is a full 35" professional grade mitt without the web!  This training mitt is designed to force catchers to catch in the pocket and not the web.  Proper receiving is critical to everything from buying strikes to avoiding injury and this is a great tool for learning to receive the ball in just the right place.  Unlike some other training gloves, this is a full build mitt that can be used to catch live bull pens!

The CM3000TM "The Equalizer™" is available only in right-hand throw

  • A full 33.5 inch professional grade mitt without a web
  • Helps teach proper receiving and improve hand speed
  • Uses the same leathers and other materials as our full mitts for great performance even in live bullpens and full-speed training sessions

To break in this mitt, simply use it.  We do not recommend putting anything on this mitt to help break it in (including steaming).  This training mitt should have a moderate break-in period and give you countless hours of use.

For bonus, extended video content about The Equalizer™ from Professional Coach Tim Cossins, follow this link.

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