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The Anvil™ training mitt was inspired by input from Professional Coach Tim Cossins.  He saw that catchers were actually wearing wrist weights to help train fine motor control and hone their receiving and transfer skills.  Starting with the game's most popular 33.5" pattern, we added over 2 pounds of weight evenly through the thumb and pinky pads.  This version of weight training helps strengthen those fine muscles in the wrist, arm, and shoulder that are hard to target, but are crucial to fine-tuning your receiving and transfer skills.  Many professional coaches and players are now adding this to their bag of tools to continually improve their game.

The CM3500TM "The Anvil™" is only available in right-hand throw

  • 33.5" weighted training mitt
  • Roughly 2 pounds of weight is added evenly across the thumb and pinky
  • Helps develop fine motor control in the wrist, arm, and shoulder to improve receiving and transfer skills

To break in this training mitt, simply use it.  We do not recommend putting anything on the mitt to break it in (including steaming).

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