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  • FGS7-PT : Throws with right hand, wears on left.
    FGS7-PTFR : Throws with left hand, wears on right.

    • This 12 Inch basket webbed pitching glove is perfect for pitchers looking for a roomy pocket for changing up grips. The leather is lightweight, yet firm. Once broken in, the thumb and pinky will stay stiff for a more extended life.

    • Despite the PTBK being solid black, the internal leather is all tan. The black and tan shades of leather were meant to be used together, as each shade has very distinct properties. The tan leather on the inside helps develop an amazing pocket and fast break in times, while the black leather gives support for added life.

    • Pro Guard Padding (PGP) in the palm lets you know that you have the ball but helps remove the sting.
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