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FEBRUARY 28 / 2019 - Ampac Continues to Move Forward and Rise Above #MFRA

Shirley, MA, February 26, 2019 -- Ampac Enterprises Inc. and Force3 Pro Gear, LLC have jointly resolved their litigation over their products and advertising thereof and dismissed their respective claims against each other. The terms of the parties’ settlement are otherwise confidential.

Ampac Enterprises Inc. recognizes that choosing protective headgear is an important decision for a player of any level. Accordingly, it is important for consumers to understand that no mask or helmet provides guaranteed protection from concussion. In addition, Severity Index test results showing one mask or helmet farther below the threshold than another mask or helmet does not mean that one is safer or more protective than the other. In fact, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE), which is an independent and nonprofit standards development body with the sole mission to enhance athletic safety through scientific research and the creation of performance standards for athletic equipment, specifically provides the following with regard to Severity Index data:

There is no single SI number for any single helmet or model. A helmet model in any given size alone may have over 10,000 different SI scores from all samples tested, depending on the number of helmets produced. NOCSAE does not allow SI-related safety claims about one model or brand over another because such claims would be scientifically unfounded and misleading to consumers.

Ampac Enterprises Inc. is a family business focused on quality and detail. Mostly known for having a strong reputation and presence among baseball and softball catchers, Ampac holds many patents and has been on the leading edge of sporting goods development for over 40 years. Many of Ampac’s innovations have become industry standard. According to Stan Jurga, President/CEO, “Player feedback has been fundamental to our success and the evolution of our product line. Simply put, we listen. So when Charlie O’Brien started tinkering with goalie helmets as a way to increase protection for catchers, particularly from bat backswings along the jawline, it made total sense. We quite literally changed the face of the game since the mid 90’s by inventing and developing what most in the industry refer to today as the hockey-style catcher’s helmet. We have not stopped since then. We are routinely testing new designs, new technologies and new materials, such as our magnesium traditional face mask. We will continue to lead the industry in advancing player protection because it is our passion.” Ampac’s on-site impact test lab allows it to vigorously conduct quality control testing on its existing products and engage in extensive research and development on new and improved products. That is how Ampac continues to Move Forward and Rise Above. #MFRA

SEPTEMBER 24 / 2018 - NESN

JULY 1 / 2018 - Commotio Cordis FAQ

JUNE 22 / 2018 - Press Release from the Saftey Equipment Institute
SEI Certifies Chest Protectors for Baseball and Lacrosse Players
McLean, Va., June 22, 2018 – Today, the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) announced that the first certifications for chest protectors have been issued that meet new criteria from National Operating Committee for Sports and Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). According to NOCSAE, its new standard aims to reduce the likelihood of death from commotio cordis, a disruption of heart rhythm that happens when a player is struck.

The standard supports a test method that provides reliable and repeatable measurements for the evaluation of various types of chest protectors. It is called NOCSAE Standard Test Method and performance Specification Used in Evaluating the Performance Characteristics of Chest Protectors for Commotio Cordis, NOCSAE DOC (ND) 200.

Specifically, the new standard includes requirements for a conditioned, sample chest protector to be positioned on a piece of equipment (NOCSAE Thoracic Surrogate). Then, a projectile (baseball or lacrosse ball) at a defined velocity is propelled at various locations of the surrogate. A laboratory technician measures the peak force which must meet specified NOCSAE pass/fail criteria. Complete requirements for ND 200-18 may be found at

In addition to initial compliance testing of all chest protector models, manufacturers who participate in the SEI certification program must pass a rigorous quality assurance audit of their facility and operate in accordance with SEI quality assurance requirements. Also, all products carrying the SEI and NOCSAE certification label are required to be re-certified annually. This means that all products must be re-tested annually, and the manufacturing facility must continue to successfully meet all SEI quality assurance requirements during follow-up audits.

The first products to be certified are listed below:

  • CCCP1216 - Size: Ages 12 – 16
  • CPCC1216S7X - Size: Ages 12 – 16
  • CPCC1216PS - Size: Ages 12 - 16
  • CPCC40PS - Size Adult
  • CPCC79PS - Size: ages 7 - 9
  • CPCC912PS - Size: ages 9 - 12
  • CPCC40PRO - Size Adult
  • CPCC912S7X - Size: ages 9 – 12
  • UACP3-SRVSCC - Size: ages 12 to 16
  • UACPCC2-SRVS - Size: Ages 12 - 16 (Senior)
  • UACPCC2-YVS - Size: ages 7 - 9 (Youth)
  • UACPCC2-JRVS (Size: ages 9 - 12 (Junior)
Additional certified products will be added when certification is achieved.
Over 2,500 SEI-certified product models are made by more than 150 manufacturers from all over the world. SEI’s programs are built on the use of high-quality technical standards from organizations such as NOCSAE. Information about SEI’s certification program and the most current version of the SEI Certified Product List can be accessed at any time on SEI’s web site, The SEI website includes the SEI Certified Product List which provides certified product model names and numbers, manufacturer’s names, addresses, and contact numbers.
SEI: The Global Leader in Certification
The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), an affiliate of ASTM International, helps our world work better by providing product and personnel certifications. Since 1981, SEI has served as the world’s premier certification organization for thousands of safety and protective products – from firefighter and baseball helmets to worker’s boots and police gear. SEI works with independent laboratories and quality auditors to administer certification programs for manufacturers seeking to be certified to technical standards.

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