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Across all brands, traditional facemasks do NOT meet NOCSAE standards.

Includes traditional facemask harness

Constructed of injection molded magnesium, the FM4000MAG is the next evolution in umpire's masks.  With a super elegant and light weight design this is a mask that will look and perform amazingly.  So light, the first time you hold it you will think it's floating out of your hands!

Magnesium is the perfect material for a mask with low density for extremely light weight (16.8 oz) and high vibration damping properties. The magnesium is great at helping to absorb impacts and the material has been shown to be more durable than a classic steel cage.

Because of the molded magnesium, the bars are flatter on your sight lines but are actually quite thick for added structure.  This mask has outstanding visibility.

The extended LUC pads extend past the outer frame to limit any metal from coming incontact with the face on impact.  Further, these pads have a plastic plate rested up against the cage in an effort to further absorb impacts evenly.

Like all LUC pads these are also machine washable, just let them air dry

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