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The fast-paced nature of softball demands protective gear that upholds safety standards while being lightweight and durable.  Our VELA™ Professional Fielding Mask is designed for pitchers and infielders that are seeking additional protection on defense.  This mask is built using our patented I-BAR VISION™ technology, which provides better sightlines and visibility.  Wearing this mask will give players peace of mind, allowing them to play their best on defense!


  • Features ultra-thin vertical and horizontal I-BAR VISION™ steel bars.  These patented vertical bars are so thin that they virtually disappear and go out of focus.  Additionally, the horizontal bar is much lower when compared to other fielding masks on the market.  Both of these features increase sightlines and visibility for players when wearing this mask.
  • Weighing a mere 12 oz., this mask is held securely to a player’s head with a ponytail-compatible DeltaFlex™ harness and chin cup.  It does not shift or move while running, but remains easy for a player to talk through.
  • Cleaning: The forehead and chin padding can be removed for washing with soap and water, and the harness can be machine washed.
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